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knee arthroscopy


Knee arthroscopy, or keyhole surgery, can be used to investigate and potentially treat acute or chronic knee pain.  With any acute knee injury the patient should remember to follow the RICE procedure.


2.ICE-PACK application (NOT directly onto skin)

3.COMPRESSIVE bandage (along the whole leg)


This should help to reduce any acute inflammation/swelling. Anti-inflammatory tablets would also help, assuming you have no abdominal problems, asthma or allergies.

how can arthroscopy help?

Knee arthroscopy is usually a day case procedure where the surgeon looks into the knee using a small camera with various tools to assess any damage to the inside of the knee. The surgeon fill the knee joint up with fluid to distend the knee joint capsule. There are usually only two or three small incisions on either side of the knee cap. The recovery depends on the injury and surgery performed, but most patients who have a simple partial menisectomy are usually able to return to work within 1-2 weeks.

If more complex ligament reconstructions are required then the recovery is considerably longer.


A meniscal tear can occur from wear and tear in the knee, or as an acute injury. When a meniscal tear occurs the flap of tissue created can block movement in the knee and/or cause clicking which may be painful. These are called mechanical symptoms. Knee arthroscopy is very successful at relieving mechanical symptoms. Mechanical symptoms can occur in arthritic knees, however, if the knee symptoms are caused from osteoarthritis generally then the pain may persist.


acute knee pain

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potential causes?

Knee injuries can be divided into soft tissue or bony injuries. Any significant high energy injuries should be assessed in an Emergency Department (Torbay A & E ). Other isolated knee injuries can be assessed in Torbay Knee Clinic.

Most common sports injuries involve the ligaments, the menisci, or the cartilage covering of the joint surfaces. In patients with existing osteoarthritis, symptomatic meniscal tears are common.

More detailed information can be found here

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