how to ensure the best result!


The rules to protect your new hip replacement/resurfacing!


1.    Keep your ankles and knees together when rising from sitting.

2.    Do not place your hands lower than your knees

        (ie. no hip flexion beyond 90 degrees)

3.    Sleep on your back for the first 6 weeks, you can then sleep on your                 side with a pillow between your legs.

4.    No driving until you are safe to perform an emergency stop

        (6 weeks for right hips and 3 weeks if automatic car and left hip                         operated on)

  1. 5.    No long haul flights for 3 months post-operatively

  2. 6.    Do you exercises at least 3 times a day on BOTH legs!


        The rules to protect your knee replacement!


  1. 1.Always rest with your leg straight on the bed. Place a rolled up towel under your heel/achilles tendon. This allows the tissues at the back of your knee to be stretched by gravity. It is important to stretch this tissue out to promote complete straightening of the leg.

  1. 2.After you perform your exercises you need to elevate your leg to allow the swelling to improve.

  1. 3.Take pain-killers to be able to improve your range of motion with your exercises. In time your operated knee will heal with scar tissue. This is normal. Unless you MOVE the knee, it will heal in a flexed position with a poor range of motion. It it CRITICAL that you take painkillers and work hard with your exercises EARLY. As time progresses the knee will become stiffer unless you move the knee to PREVENT the scar tissue from forming and blocking the movement.