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Knee problems can present in numerous ways.

In younger more active patients clicking, locking (inability to straighten), pain and instability may represent meniscal tears, ligament injuries or localised cartilage defects. These symptoms are usually investigated with Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) and/or arthroscopic(key-hole) surgery.

Arthritis and degenerative knee problems commonly present with pain, swelling, locking and problems with alignment of the knee (bow legged, knocked kneed). Degenerative problems may be diagnosed with examination and x-rays.

Further information on specific conditions can be found here.


Patients may have partial or total knee replacements performed. The appropriate joint replacement will be suggested by your surgeon. Partial knee replacements include the Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement or Patello-femoral Replacement Joints. Total Knee Replacements are most commonly performed.


Knee symptoms

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